Evolutionary Parenting

We know that human beings need to evolve and grow our consciousness, our wisdom, our capacity for integrating reason and love—for caring for ourselves and our loved ones, our locality and its people, our bioregion and all of its life, our nation, and all of our planet.

We have created exactly the tools we need to connect every human being on the planet who seeks connection…with smart phones and intercontinental travel. We already have the tools to transcend egotism, ethnocentrism, religious and national hatred, and every other historic claim that separates us and invites violence and greed and domination of others.

Our reason as manifested in our science and technology is too far ahead of our wisdom, so we need to evolve our consciousness to establish a more harmonious balance.


We need to evolve as a species—and the key to the evolution of human consciousness resides in conscious, evolutionary parenting.


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Evolutionary Parenting starts with the recognition that every newborn child has her/his own life path, her/his own potentials, her/his own identity. Parents who recognize this fundamental quality choose to invite and nurture each child to unfold into the fullness of her/himself, understanding that a child may grow up to be quite different from her/his parents.

When parents honor their child’s uniqueness, the bond between parent and child is strong and enduring, no matter what differences unfold over the years.

Evolutionary Parentingconscious parenting—is centered on five insights. These are derived from the common vision of three 20th century sages—Sri Aurobindo Ghose, Rudolf Steiner, and Hazrat Inayat Khan—and from the insights of Maria Montessori, various developmental psychologists, philosophers, social psychologists, and spiritual teachers.

Founders of Evolutionary Parenting


The Five Insights into Evolutionary Parenting

  1. You already know the first insight. Every conception and birth of a human being is a wedding of flesh and soul.
  2. The second insight follows from the first. Since the soul in its fullness is present from before birth, your child’s soul is expressing its knowing through the vehicle of the physical body from the beginning of life. Yes, the soul is constrained by the infant’s physical, emotional, and mental limitations—but the will of the infant is manifest from the first day of life outside the womb (and sometimes before). And the will of the child at every age and stage is the expression of the soul’s intent.
  3. The third insight follows from the second. To work at giving your child freedom with safety, you will inevitably have to grow yourself—emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.
  4. The fourth insight is that there is information available to you now about the trajectory through which human beings unfold and grow in childhood and youth. Yes, each child is unique in the most literal sense of that word. In concert with that uniqueness, the vast majority of children and youth unfold and grow through similar patterns of unfoldment, through similar trajectories of growth. But each individual grows in his or her own way, at his or her own rate.
  5. The fifth insight is that the very best parenting that you can provide for your children will also make a significant contribution to the evolution of human consciousness.

Judith Blackstone explains: “Basically we are each the vessel and the vehicle of the essential motion of evolution.” Each human being literally embodies the evolutionary potential of the species. So, every parent who knows this knows that her or his parenting can make a contribution to the evolution of humanity.

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Table of Contents

Chapter One

Evolutionary Parenting explains and explores each insight in detail and offers rich and engaging interviews with ten parents and their late teen and young adult children who have lived the values of this common vision.

 You’ll hear directly from these parents about their lives, their challenges and struggles and their accomplishments and satisfactions, their hardships and their joys. You’ll also hear from a number of their young adult children who have been nurtured by the inspiration of evolutionary parenting.

Evolutionary Parenting opens the door so children and teens, guided by their inner teachers and nurtured by their parents, can unfold toward the fullness of their potential.

 It is through the fulfillment of individual potential by thousands and eventually millions of teens and young adults all across the planet that humanity will rise to transcend the global climate crisis that we have created over the past two hundred years. Young people are evolving in consciousness every day, every month, every year, and this evolution in consciousness is the next step in the evolution of life on Earth.