I have friends who really do see the world definitely not the same as me but who take the same approach as me—very interested, philosophical. We don’t get the same answers, and we don’t believe all the same things, but because of how we think, I can relate to them.

I feel like we’re in a really, really pivotal part of our existence. I think that the near-future is probably not going to look so wonderful. But the world’s strong, and humans are pretty capable, and I think eventually we’re going to mess it up enough where we finally realize what we have done and we’ll be able to come out of it. Not only we as humans, but this whole giant ball and all the creatures on it.

I would love to see a world in which people cease to see that there is a separation between us and the rest of the natural world. There’s so much knowledge—millions, billions of years of evolutionary knowledge in nature—that we can learn from nature, and we can fulfill many of our human needs in ways that are in harmony with nature and not working against nature.

I have a very definite sense, expanding, growing sense of my own spirituality, and I feel that there is much that I can learn from all the wisdom traditions, but that none of them holds all the truths for me.