During the past two centuries, many spiritual teachers have talked and written about the nature of human beings. But only Inayat Khan, Rudolf Steiner, and Aurobindo Ghose have informed this discus­sion with detailed descriptions of both the process of human be­coming in childhood and youth and the desired functions of child raising and education to support each child’s and teen’s unfoldment. These three men lived at the same historic moment, yet as far we know, they never met. Each one came to essentially the same vision of human unfoldment, this common vision,through his own spiritual intuition.                                                   

Each man described our evolutionary potential in the same way: one key vehicle for the ongoing evolution of our species is the extent to which the parenting and education that young people receive allows and nurtures each child’s and teen’s unfoldment toward her or his potential. The more this happens, the more our species will evolve in consciousness.