Evolution is a complex process, and it is certainly not linear. We have begun to evolve from nation states to some more global, planetary structure. Unfortunately—but perhaps inevitably given the status of human consciousness—many of our first steps into the planetary have been captured by capitalists centered in modernist consciousness. Hence a regression into some elements of 19th century capitalism, billionaires, at the same time that hundreds of millions move up into modernist life. 

While the movement into the planetary is initial, it is nonethless enough to engender a reactionary regression: reactionary Christianity in the United States, Hindu nationalism in India and Myanmar, Muslim reactionary movement in Turkey, the warrior state in Russia, and so on.

What was new and progressive as modernist consciousness first evolved several hundred years ago—democracy, science, technology, capitalism—is now tired and running out of capacity to hold its integrity. This is exactly why we need to evolve into a planetary civilization. But it will take time and courage and consciousness—and its success is not inevitable. It requires the conscious collaboration of millions.