As a parent, I don’t expect you to think first about the evolution of the human species. Your primary focus is on the well-being of your child/ren, of course. 

 What I am saying to you as conscientious and conscious parents is that all that you do to nurture the unfoldment of your child/ren as their own persons, as the unique human beings they are, also supports the evolution of consciousness for all humans on the Earth. 

 It’s a win-win-win opportunity. Your child/ren wins because she/he is nurtured to unfold all of the potentials that she/he has within her/his being. You win because you experience and appreciate the unfoldment of your child/ren. All life forms on Earth win because the more evolved the consciousness of more humans is, the more likely it becomes that we will learn to live well on this planet in harmony with all of the other natural systems the Earth has already manifested. 

 This is the longer-term view. The moment-to-moment view for you as a parent is to unfold and deepen your own consciousness of your child/ren as a being with an inner teacher who has knowledge of your child/ren’s needs at every moment—and of your capacity both to provide freedom for the expression of the inner teacher’s organismic wisdom and to insure appropriate safety for your child. 

 This is inevitably challenging and complex—but the more you engage with this challenge, the more you will be able to meet it.