At only 18, Taft Foley III is on the road to making his dreams come true. Foley III has taken it upon himself to create a mobile COVID-19 testing lab that gets people COVID-19 test results within minutes. And, he’s doing it while he’s still in high school.

Taft is already one of the youngest EMTs in the state. After finishing the EMT course this summer, he waited two hours to get tested for COVID-19 and another two weeks to get his results. “While I was self-quarantining, I thought to myself, ‘There has to be a better way,’ and that’s when I decided to really do some research and that’s when I found 15-minute tests and got the idea to go to people,” Taft said. By August, he had his Texas Mobile Medical Labs van rolling.

“People need help and I have the resources to be able to provide that help to others and so I don’t see a reason not to,” Taft said. He said the mobile lab tested its 500th person on Monday. “We average about 30 tests a day, which is pretty good,” Taft said. “The other day, we actually ran out of tests for the very first time which I was very excited about.” The Kinkaid School senior has had to cut things out like wrestling to launch his business.

However, in between AP tests and applying to colleges Taft is staying focused on his long-term goals.

“One day I want to be able to call myself Dr. Foley,” Taft said.